50 KM


50 KM

Sunday, September 10th, 2023

Date: Sun, Sept 10, 2023
Distance: 50 km / 31 miles
Ascent: 3,500 m / 11,500 ft
Descent: 2,250 m / 7,400 ft



Our 50k route is a full point to point route, from Whistler’s Cheakamus Canyon area, over the very top of Whistler Mountain, along the stunningly beautiful Singing Pass, back down into Whistler Village, and then up Blackcomb Mountain via the new ascent trail, finishing at the Rendezvous Lodge, AFTER a magnificent loop out around Overlord and Decker. On a clear day, you’ll get views that’ll all but literally knock your socks off!

The new 50k race is a net positive route, meaning you’ll climb over 1200 meters / 4000 feet MORE than you descend, as it finishes up on Blackcomb Mountain. The race is made tougher still by there being just three aid stations along the entire route, meaning runners need to be much more self-sufficient than at other 50K races where it’s common to see twice as much on course aid available. This is of course due to the remote nature of much of the route and we would certainly classify this as an “advanced” 50K.

With this event being held in September we’ve seen it all, and in 2019 runners were trudging through fresh snow on the upper alpine regions, so ensure you come prepared as it’s an adventurous one, but with plenty of reward as the views from atop Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain and along Singing Pass are right up there with some of the most sensational vistas you’ll find anywhere in the trail running world! And that’s a promise!


Download GPX file

View an image of the course map below. You can click the image to open a larger file in a new tab, or download onto your mobile device. Warning - very large file!!

Race Day Schedule

Date: Sunday, Sept 10, 2023
Location: Whistler, BC
Start Time:



12 hours

Start Line:
Interpretive Forest parking lot, Cheakamus Lake Road
Finish Line: Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain

​Package Pickup:

Thursday: 4:00-9:00pm @ Salomon Store, Whistler
Friday: 4:00-7:00pm @ Salomon Store, Whistler
Saturday: 11:00am-6:00pm @ Finish Line (Base II)
Sunday: 4:00-4:45am @ 50km start line (Cheakamus Lake Rd)

  • Please note that the WAM races are sharing the weekend with the GranFondo road biking event. Whistler will be busy and accommodations will be at a premium, so please ensure you book something asap.
  • Also, highway closures will be in place on the Saturday, as per GranFondo race details. Travel into Whistler on this specific single date, from Vancouver and Squamish, will not be possible in the morning. As such, all runners lining up for a Saturday start are advised to arrive to Whistler no later than the day before, on Friday.
  • North bound highway closures are only in place on the Saturday into the early afternoon. Full highway access is available again by Saturday evening.
  • All WAM courses have been designed to alleviate crossover traffic with the GranFondo as much as possible throughout race weekend.


Please see full 50 km details in the table below. On a mobile or smaller screen? This table scrolls!

AS# Location Distance (kms) Distance (to next AS) Drop Bags? Crew? Toilet Cut Off Time Cut Off Hrs
START CL Road 0 5.6 - - Y - -
WS Kashmir
(Water Only)
5.6 8.4 - - N - -
1 Whistler 14 20 N N Y - -
2 Base 2 34 7 Y Y Y 13:00 8
3 7th Heaven 41 9 N N Y 15:00 10
FINISH Rendezvous 50 - Y Y Y 17:00 12

​Aid Stations, Drop Bags and Finish Line Bags

All races will have finish line bags, which will be under a tent which is not monitored so please label your bag and do not leave any valuables.

50k: one drop bag at AS #2 (34K) at “Base 2” area.

*drop bags can only be the size of a shoe bag or backpack or duffle of 25 liters capacity or less. Anything larger than this will be denied at race check in.

​Crew, Poles, No Pacers

Crew Accessible Aid Station for 50k:  AS #2 at “Base 2”. Please see here for crew directions to base 2.

Please see here for crew directions to finish line.

    Pacers are NOT allowed in any distance due to permitting restrictions.

    Poles ARE allowed for this event. Please be careful and aware of other runners, and those who are immediately behind you.


    12k - Aid Station 1 (Whistler Mtn): no cutoff
    33k - Aid Station 2 (Base 2, Blackcomb Mtn): 8 hours
    41k - Aid Station 3 (7th Heaven): 10 hours
    50k - Finish (Rendezvous Lodge): 12 hours

    The race finishes on Blackcomb Mountain, at the Rendezvous Lodge.

    Gondola passes are not included with race entry.

    The gondola closes shortly after the race finishes, which is why we cannot extend the finish line cutoff beyond 12 hours.

    ​Parking & Buses

    There is NO PARKING available at the start line of the 50km. Runners may be dropped off, but your driver cannot park or stay for the start.

    Buses will depart from Lot 7, adjacent to the Finish Line, at 3:40, 4:00 and 4:20. Plenty of parking is available. Travel time is about 16 minutes.

    Bus tickets are available for $5 in our Merch Store on Race Roster, for runners and spectators. Tickets will be in your racer bag, but each bus captain will also have a list to check everyone in.

    The last bus will wait to take spectators back to Lot 7, and will depart 10 minutes after the start.

    Following your finish, you’ll download the gondola to Blackcomb Base near Merlin's. There is no parking here, so anyone picking you up is best to park in Lot 1 or meet you in the loading zone on Blackcomb Way. For those that park in Lot 7 (where you catch the bus to the start), we will be running a complimentary shuttle from the gondola base to Lot 7, every 20 mins or so, from 12noon until 530pm.

    Registration Prerequisites

    50k: None

    There are no physical prerequisites to register for any of our race distances. We trust that you’ve done at least some research and that you know what you’re getting into, and if you haven’t done your research and the proper training you really won’t last long on any of these routes anyways. If you plan to wing it and somehow believe you can just get through these courses on a whim, on grit alone, then you’re just throwing your hard-earned money away. If that is the case, we’ll happily take that hard earned moula and then wish you all the best with your struggles on race weekend, while cheering for you every step of the way of course 😊

    ​Mandatory Gear List

    50k: weather dependent *if inclement weather is forecast then a basic mandatory gear list including gloves, buff and waterproof hooded jacket will be enforced*

    10 Essentials: We encourage everyone to always carry the 10 Essentials for backcountry safety in your pack - whether you’re out training or adventuring on your own or with friends, or participating in one of our extensively marked races, you can never predict what might happen. Learn more about the 10 Essentials in this article by North Shore Rescue.


    In our effort to reduce waste, all our races are now cup-free, meaning you'll need to pack along your own cup for fluids at aid stations and at the finish line. Here are two suggestions: a collapsible cup (available in our merch store), or a homemade version cutting the top off an empty juicebox.


    The WAM 50k race will be a Qualifier for UTMB 50k.


    Get an inside look at the 50km race in the gallery below:



    Distance Jan 2023 June 1 Race Cap
    50 KM $175 CDN (~$130 USD) $195 CDN (~$145 USD) 475
    • Anyone dropping out up to and including June 1 will receive a 50% refund of entry fees.
    • You can move down in distance, but not up in distance. No credit is provided for the difference in entry fee.