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A Celebration of Movement, Training & Running.


Registration Opens: Mon, June 22 @ 7pm PDT
Access Codes Distributed: Wed, June 30
Event Site Activates: Thurs, July 1 @ 7am PDT
Registration Closes: Sun, July 18 @ midnight PDT
Event Ends: Wed, Sept 1 @ midnight PDT
Virtual Wrap Up Video: TBD @ 6pm PDT
Event Site Closes: Wed, Sept 15 @ midnight PDT


63 days, 22 challenges…featuring a mix of last summer’s favourites, some new ones to spice things up, and maybe a few hidden ones!

Open to anyone, anywhere around the world. Our past Scavenger Hunts had participants from 20+ countries!

You can make these challenges as wild, as interesting, as social, and as easy or challenging as you'd like. You get to choose your own approach to your summer fitness goals with some added daily variety. There is no obligation to participate in the online community surrounding this event, but it is an active online space full of positivity and support if it does interest you at all.

This is open to runners, hikers and walkers worldwide. Our overall leaderboard does not reflect speed as much as a person’s dedication & creativity. Each unique challenge has a minimum run or walk time associated with it, with most listed in the 35 - 45 minute range, and the longest minimum workout time would be just 60 mins. We've strived to design an overall scavenger hunt that is friendly and attainable by absolutely anyone and everyone. Completing the challenges awards you points, with the maximum number of attainable points being 2000.

This event is about providing a space for runners to connect and support each other while we navigate our way forward to a post-pandemic world.

Buttons or Headwrap, your choice!

Entry fees include the full collection of physical Summer Scavenger Hunt buttons OR choose an event headwrap instead. Everyone also receives a custom finisher lanyard with a bottle opener 'medal', an event sticker to proudly display on your favourite bumper, trailer, rooftop-box, coffee mug, or journal cover, and a tree planted in your honour.

Each registered participant receives access to a custom-built online portal with a trophy case, a leaderboard and social tools for sharing your accomplishments via Strava, FB, Twitter and Instagram. With each passing scavenger hunt we make more improvements to our online platform, so stay tuned for updates on what new tools and functionality we have for you.

As with our past Scavenger Hunts, we’ll have a long list of prizes to distribute from many of our CMTR series sponsors. Draw prizes will be allocated via a mix of randomized draws, and standout submissions to each of the entirely unique challenges.

The Summer Scavenger Hunt begins on Canada Day July 1st and runs for 63 days until Sept 1st.

IMPORTANT: You will receive an email confirmation for your event registration from Race Roster right away, followed by a welcome email from us that will contain a link and your unique access code to set up your profile on the Summer Scavenger Hunt site.

NOTE: All pricing is in CDN $. However, there are no geographic restrictions - you can register and participate from anywhere in the world.


Once you're registered, join our online communities to share your adventures and be inspired by others!

Facebook Group: CMTR Summer Scavenger Hunt

Strava Club: CMTR Summer Scavenger Hunt

Tag us! #SummerOfCMTR


Here's a teaser of the badges for the 2021 Summer Scavenger Hunt challenges. We dug back through our previous events to find your favourites, gave some of them a makeover, created some new ones, and of course pulled at least one from your Winter Dream Team submissions to make this the best Scavenger Hunt yet!

We'll leave the descriptions to your imagination, or until you register. 😉


Registration now open

Event CDN$ US$ Reg Closes
Summer Scavenger Hunt $65 ~ $50 July 18 @ midnight PDT

There are no geographic restrictions - you can register and participate from anywhere!

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